How to Make Windows 8 Boot Faster with Fast Startup ?

The novel Fast Startup type is a mix between the resumption of hibernate option and the traditional cold boot. Windows 8 has the kernel session hibernated and not closed. However, the difference is that as compared to full hibernate data, with a very large file size, the 0 Hibernation or Kernel only form of file is not big but quite small. Thus, it takes a short time to disk write. If this file is used during a boot, substantial advantage in terms of time is given during Windows 8 start up.

The option for Fast Startup is allowed via default in Windows 8. To make Windows 8 boot quicker with Fast Startup:

  • Press the key Win + W and begin typing Power followed by Enter to have Power Options Opened.
  • You can also click Power icon within the notification area as you choose More Options for Power.
  • On the Power Options window towards the pane on the left, click the option to choose the action of the power button.
  • You will find that the default which is the recommended box setting is already checked. It is one reason that makes Windows 8 to start faster.

Note that settings for Fast Startup only come into the fore while shutting the computer down and never during restart.