How to Know Windows 8 Contrast to Other Operating Systems

Microsoft has created a winner, right from the vision of letting users do the re-imagining of how to daily interact with PCs they come to contact with on a daily basis. The change was to be positive and it came in the form of Windows 8. The Consumer Preview of Windows 8 came to fore in February 29 2012 and the operating system has been really going strong since that time. Millions of users started making use of Windows 8 since it brought some fresh change to the kind of early versions of windows many people are used to, such as Windows 7.

Chitika Insights then went ahead and did a study towards determining the stand of Windows 8 Consumer Preview and the results will make any person in the Microsoft platform happy. The analysis was a user agent one and the sample data was used to ascertain how far Windows 8 has been adopted as compared to other operating systems within the Windows family already found in the market. In the Windows OS share of the sample market studied, the standings were as follows:

1. Windows 7 59.56%

2. Windows XP 24.73%

3. Windows Vista 15.21%

4. Windows 8 0.13%

5. Other 0.37%

The results of the Chitika study maybe regional and only within Canada and U.S show the levels of traffic across the world. With the refreshing changes and new additions, Windows 8 is a winner already charming the world.