How to Use WinUSB Maker to Restore, Backup and Create Bootable USB ?

It is such a satisfying feeling being able to install Windows through USB flash drive. WinUSB Maker is one such utility that makes this happen. It is a free to use utility that helps one to load setup files for Windows into a USB drive where Windows is then installed from a USB drive. Through the use of WinUSB, creating USB flash drives that are bootable for Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista is much easier.

Compared with other programs supporting ISO files only, the program comes handy even if one has extracted the setup files.

The WinUSB Maker has a very simple user interface and using it is much easier. To do it:

  1. As Admin, run the program.
  2. Choose the USB drive you would like to turn into bootable.
  3. On the left side, click the menu ‘Setup to USB’.
  4. Choose set up folder for Windows or the file for Windows ISO.
  5. Finally, click the button for ‘Make USB bootable’ to start transferring all the files on a USB.

You will find restore and backup functions also very simple, easy to use and straight forward. As of now, the USB drive image can only be restored to the device only.

Download Latest Version Of WinUSB Maker